Felt Hearts on a Branch!

Felt Hearts on a Branch!

Try out this cute heart themed project this Valentine's day. You only need a few basic supplies and you're good to go, using felt and twine!

What you need

Material needed:
1) Felt
2) Scissors
3) Needle and thread
4) Twine or thick string
5) Dry twig or small branch


heartonbranch (1)

Step-1: Draw or print out a simple heart template. Place the template on a piece of felt and trace around the sides of the template on the felt. Cut the felt along the drawn line. Similarly cut another piece of the same size and pattern.

heartonbranch (2)

Step-2: Place both pieces together, one on the top of the other one. Prepare your needle and thread. Start doing stitches around the sides to join both heart pieces. Do not stitch all side at once, keep a small area open for the filling. Fill the stitched heart piece with wool or scrap felt or scrap fabric pieces. Keep filling until the heart looks fluffy. Stitch the open area and close it to secure the filling. Tie knots and cut off extra thread.

heartonbranch (3)

Step-3: Follow the step-1 and 2 to make 2 or 3 more of these heart plushies. Prepare strings around 10-12 inches long. Use a needle to draw the strings or thread through the top center heart plushies. Bring both ends of the strings or thread together after inserting it into the plushie. tie a knot at the open end of the string to secure it. Do the same for the other heart plushies.

heartonbranch (5)

Step-4: Collect a dry twig or small dry branch. Cut the twig to the required size. The size of the twig would depend on the sizes of the heart plushies. Take a piece of twine and tie it around the twig’s end. Insert the stringed heart plushies into the twig. Align them nicely. Finally tie another knot at the other end of the twig with the twin. A perfect V-day decor piece. Enjoy!


  1. Helen White says

    Very sweet. Thanks.

  2. I think it’s cute, can’t wait to make it!

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