Haunted Popsicle Stick Halloween Window

Haunted Popsicle Stick Halloween Window

This kids craft project shows you how to make a haunted Halloween window decoration

What you need

4 orange popsicle sticks (or natural popsicle sticks painted orange)

Orange ribbon or strips of orange foam

1 white foam sheet

1 sheet black cardstock or construction paper

2 small wiggly eyes

Self-adhesive Halloween felt shapes (pictured: from Dollar Tree)


Black permanent marker

Glue dots





Attach the four popsicle sticks using glue dots to create a square frame.

Lay the frame over the black cardstock and trace the shape using a pencil. Cut the square from the black cardstock and set aside.

Lay the frame over the back side of the white foam and track the inside of the square. Draw a ghost shape to fill the inside of the square. Cut the ghost from the foam. Attach the ghost to the black cardstock square.

Cut two pieces of ribbon to fit the back of the frame in a perpendicular design. Attach the ribbon using glue dots.

Add additional glue dots to the corner of the frame and press over the ghost and black cardstock to attach.

Position the wiggly eyes on the ghost, attaching them with glue. Use the black permanent marker to draw a mouth.

Attach Halloween felt shapes to the corners of the frame.

Haunted Window Popsicle Stick Craft Sample 3-20210808T100142Z-001


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