Halloween Spider Headband

Halloween Spider Headband

This Halloween Craft Project shows you how to make a fun headband with a spider on it! Suitable for a costume or Halloween Party.

What you need

3 inch of black elastic
Black lace – Measure from ear to ear on your head.
Needle and Thread
Black Ribbon
Rubber Spider


Start by measuring how much lace you will need. Measure from behind your ear to the other side going over the top of your head.

Once you have your lace, sew the elastic onto either end of your lace piece. Cover up the sewing by gluing or sewing some ribbon over the join as shown.

Lace Headband

spider Closeup

Finish off by adding the spider to the top of the lace with craft glue.

Before gluing it into place pop it onto you head to see where it feels comfortable.

All done. Have fun!


  1. Being goth, I will wear his year round! Perfect for a night out on the town! Simple and stunning, thank you!!

  2. ummm….one word: CREEPY!

  3. I am planning a Halloweenn party for adults with a goth feel and this looks great!

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