Halloween Sign – Haunted Yard Art

Halloween Sign –  Haunted Yard Art

This Halloween tutorial shows you how to take reclaimed wood to create fun Halloween yard art decorations.

What you need

Reclaimed Wood
A Soda Pop Tab or hook
Purple Petunia Paint
Letter Stencils
Black Paint
A Small and a Large Paint Brush


Using a saw, cut your reclaimed wood to the desired size.
I made a 15″ cut.
Clean the wood using dawn dish soap, vinegar and water. scrub off any dirt. Spray with a hose and allow to dry in the sun for a few hours.
When the wood is clean and dry paint it with purple petunia plaid paint. I added just a tiny dot of black paint to the mix for effect. Spread this evenly on the wood. Allow to dry. You may need to give a second coat.
Now, line up your stencil and begin to paint your chosen phrase.
I liked Haunted Hallow. I intentionally made the letters unevenly spaced to give it a spooky feeling for Halloween. I intentionally left the “ween” out of Halloween on this sign because I felt it gives it a spooky, rushed feeling, painted like a warning.
Allow to dry after your phrase is painted on the wood.
After a few hours of drying, flip the sign over.
Line up a soda pop tab so that it is in the center of the board and placed just so that the tab is even with the top of the board. Your pop tab should face you.
Screw the pop tab to the sign.
Your sign is ready to hang. If you want to place it outdoors I would highly recommend sealing it with crystal clear acrylic coating by Krylon.

What do you think of this project? Let us know!