Halloween Monster Book

Halloween Monster Book

This Halloween craft tutorial shows you how to make a book of monsters just like in Harry Potter. It's the perfect Harry potter party decoration or Halloween centrepiece.

What you need

One hardcover book

Exacto knife

Heat Tool  (optional)

Brown Paint (for aging)

Clear sealer or PVA Craft Glue

Plastic ball, ping pong, toy egg or similar for eyes

Sharpie pens for eyes balls

Craft Glue

Hot glue gun


This amazing DIY craft idea comes from Melissa Thead. Thanks for sharing your creation Melissa, we love your Monster Book creation.

To make a book like this you first need a thick hardback book.  The first step is to create the face on the inside of the book. This is done by cutting holes for the eyes and the mouth, Melissa gave us a great tip, that she didn’t need to cut the eyes so deep, they only needed to be as deep as the plastic eyeballs she was using. So measure the depth of your eyeballs first before cutting. Then draw around them (so you know the size) and using the blade cut out the eye area.  Apply the same technique for the mouth.

Use a tea stain or brown paint mixed with water for a (antique style wash) to age the edges of the book.

Melissa used a heat gun to burn the edges also, but be careful using this technique.

Next step is to create the eyes, use paint and sharpie pens to form to eyballs, a ping pong ball would work well also.

The front of the book was created by writing in hot glue and allowing it to dry before painting, you can use paint to write onto the book also if you prefer to skip this step. You can also use any kind of dimensional paint.

Finish off the ageing process but using modge podge or PVA glue and wetting the page corners and rolling them.

What do you think of this project? Let us know!