Halloween Blood Drip Candles

Halloween Blood Drip Candles

These Halloween Blood Dripped Candles are so easy to make and are perfect for party decorations. Use some store bought candles and some red crayons to make this centerpiece!

What you need

Red Candle Dye
Store Bought Candle


For this candle making project you can make a plain candle using one of our Candlemaking tutorials or use a store bought one.

You will need a deep red candle dye used for coloring candles. Alternatively you could melt a dark red crayon.


Melt the red wax in a pan and allow to cool for 5 minutes.

If the wax is too hot it will run all the way down the candle and not pool into a drip effect.


Work your way around the candle adding more and more drips until you have the desired effect.


All done! Get ready for Halloween!

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