Left Over Yarn to Yarn Ball Coaster

Left Over Yarn to Yarn Ball Coaster

Have tons of leftover yarns but not sure what to do with them? You've came to the right place then! Follow this tutorial and find out how to make this cute bubbly coaster from leftover yarns!

What you need

To make this coaster you’ll need:
1. Left over yarns
2. Scissors
3. Craft foams sheet
4. Hot glue gun


bubble coaster (1)

Step-1: Gather all the leftover yarns and select the colors you want for the coaster. Use the leftover yarns to make small yarn balls. To secure the yarn balls keep an open end to tie a knot with the other end when you’re done making the ball. Don’t worry about the extra yarns after tying the knots they won’t be visible when we make the coaster.

bubble coaster (11)

Step-2: For the base you can use craft foam, foam board and cardboard. I’m using white foam board for the base. Cut out a round shape from the material you want r the base of the coaster. bubble coaster (2)

Step-3:  Prepare the hot glue gun. Take a yarn ball and glue it on the center of the base piece. Start from the center of the base. make sure to glue the knotted side of the yarn ball on the base. Keeping gluing all the yarn balls one by one, nice and even.bubble coaster (3)

Step-4: Make sure not to place same colored balls next to each other. Keep a nice and sound color combination. Once you’re done gluing all the yarn balls you can trim the sides of the base nicely to level it with the yarn ball border. Now that’s one fun and colorful coaster!

Happy crafting!

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