Grass Head

Grass Head

Place this grass head man in a small bowl with water and watch as it sprouts hair!

What you need

Old nylons or colored panty hose
Saw dust
Grass seed or try using herb seeds!
Rubber bands
Water dish
Lips cut from felt
Wiggle eyes


Put the grass seed in the nylon (this will be the top).

Add sawdust into the nylon (this will be the bottom). Fill it enough for size of head you would like.

Secure with a rubber band. Use rubber bands to make ears and nose. Attach felt lips. Glue on wiggle eyes.

Place in a small bowl with water and watch him grow hair! Don’t forget to give him a haircut every now and then!


  1. Gean Sanders says

    I think it would be cool to make these for each of your kids and let them water them and watch them Grow

  2. I have seen this done with a soda can body. If I use the can, is there a way the water in the can could get up to the head?

  3. Its AWESOME:) I made one for my sister:) she LUURRVVEEDD it:):)

  4. 2 cute!

  5. we did this at school but put in a stocking and but that sinting on a jar with the rest in the jar of water.

    the instuctions are exelent

  6. We left some of the stocking as a neck and dangle it into a jar to absorb up water. you dont have to water it often that way. also soil instead of sawdust is what we prefered.

  7. this is cool i will do it

  8. do you have to use sawdust inside?

  9. This is a very easy and fun craft. When I was small, i had a bought one, but now can make it!

  10. oh this is too cute

  11. This is an awesome idea for fun activities outside or even inside.THANKS!!!!!!

  12. i like makeing them when your bored

  13. Did this with our prep class to introduce a vegetable garden project. They loved it, there were some really creative grass heads.

  14. Simple and fun I am 21 and i have a grass head is my kitchen 🙂

  15. Very cool!

  16. what would therapists use this activity for? (like occupational therapists)

  17. lolz!! im in high school and i have to make a product and succesfully sell it for on of our classes. it really helped!!

  18. kool man kool

  19. This helped so much!! I had to present a sciece prodject 4 my preschool -Lisa

  20. kids loved making these

  21. this is a great craft for kids any age i loved making these grass heads while i was growing up and watching the grass grow

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