Get to Know Eyelets

Get to Know Eyelets

Eyelets are definitely perfect for scrapbooking as they make a wonderful embellishment to your scrapbook layouts either by directly placing on the pages or by using the eyelets to embellish die cuts, paper piercings, titles and tags.

What you need

.See below.


Eyelets come is a large variety of colors and shapes to suit every season, occasion and color scheme. Use eyelets for creating corners of borders, edges of pages, on your journaling squares, or just about everywhere.

Tool Info:

Hole Setter: this is an eyelet tool used to make the hole in the paper or card stock. Once you have a hole thread your eyelet through the hole. Place the setter, the tool with the smooth end, over the opening of the eyelet and tap it lightly with the hammer until the ends begin to bend. Remove the setter and then tap with the hammer directly until the eyelets flattens down smoothly.
If you do not have an eyelet tool, then use a hole punch or some scissors to make a hole then using a hammer flatten the eyelet onto the card stock after you have threaded it through.

How to use them:

Work slowly to avoid breaking eyelets and damaging your pieces of work.

Lightly tap the eyelets as you can dent the eyelet or even scratch the color finish off the top. You can purposely age your eyelets for antique layouts by scraping the color off the front and denting with a hammer.

Do not hammer directly onto your table or you may damage it, make sure you use a protective surface behind your work such as a rubber-cutting mat or thick layers of newspaper.

If you are using multiple layers of Scrapbooking paper, then glue them together first to prevent them from slipping or your artwork may become distorted. You can always use a repositionable glue if you still want to move your layers around later.

Use the eyelets to create holes for hanging things like wire, fiber or string such as hanging titles, letters or even shaker boxes. Use eyelets to create eyes on paper piecing or die cuts or fill in boring layout areas with eyelets and wire.


  1. Just like these other good folks, I too had some eyelets but lacked the ability to know how to use them. THANK YOU!!

  2. Thanks! I have eyelets but didn’t want to buy a tool. Now I will try without one.

  3. Thanks,I didn’t have an eyelet tool but still wanted to use eyelets in my project.

  4. Yes! Thank you! When I bought the kit for adding eyelets, you would think they would tell you how to use it!

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