Garland Wrapped Letters

Garland Wrapped Letters

Revamp plain paper mache letters with a bit of garland and lights for a piece of festive Christmas decor!

What you need

Wired Christmas garland
Paper maiche 10″ letters
1 package of battery-operated Christmas lights for each letter
hot glue


1.. Starting on the back side of the letter, begin by hot gluing the end of the garland at the base of the letter, around half an inch from the bottom.
2. Wrap the garland around the letter, hot gluing to secure as you go. The back of the monogram doesn’t have to be covered perfectly.
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3. Once the entire letter is covered, trim the garland along the inside curves of the letter. By giving the letter a “haircut,” the letter well become easier to recognize. Be sure to do all of your trimming and cutting before putting on the lights!
4. Glue the Christmas light battery box at the base of the rear side of the letter. Be sure to leave the side open where the batteries go in and out.
5. Wrap the lights all around the monogram letter, hot gluing where needed.
6. Add batteries and turn on the lights!

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