Furry Monster Stocking: Christmas DIY

Furry Monster Stocking: Christmas DIY

Make this whimsical furry stocking that looks like a monster to hang on the mantle and "eat" all the Christmas presents!

What you need

2 9×12″ sheets of red faux fur, 1 9″x12″ sheet of white faux fur, small pieces of white and pink felt, 2 googley eyes, sewing machine, small 8″ piece of ribbon, hot glue


First, download the stocking pattern and print it out.


1.  Lay your 2 sheets of red faux fur on top of each other with wrong sides together. Pin your pattern to your 2 sheets of fur and cut it out.


2. Cut out 2 6″x4″ pieces from the white faux fur.


3. Hem the top edge of both white fur pieces with your sewing machine. a 1/4″ hem with just a straight stitch.


4. Pin the 2 white fur pieces to the red stockings, right sides together. You want to pin the edge opposite of them hem to the top edge of the red stocking.




5. Stitch a straight stitch along the top edge, going through both the white and red fur. Repeat for your other stocking piece. Fold the white fur right side up.




6. Cut out a 2.5″ wide half circle from pink felt for the mouth and 3 small triangles from white felt for the teeth. Pin them to the front piece of your stocking and applique them down by stitching around the edge of the mouth, sewing the teeth on in the process.




step7 step8

7. Cut an 8″ piece of ribbon. Fold it in half to make a “loop” and place the 2 ends at the top back corner of the front stocking piece.




8. Place the back stocking piece right side down on top of the front piece and pin.

9. Stitch the 2 pieces together using a 1/4″ seam, going around the 2 sides and the bottom but leaving the top open.

step10 step11

10. Flip right side out.


11. Use hot glue to glue on your googley eyes.

step13 stocking face

All done!


What do you think of this project? Let us know!