Flower Garden Fairy

Flower Garden Fairy

Make this adorable fairy for the garden. The kids will love to help you! These angels are great little get well or friendship gifts.

What you need

Fabric Flower Head
Pink wood Bead
1 x flesh colored pipe cleaner or chenille stick
White craft foam
Craft Glue
Ribbon or String


Start by taking your flower and removing it from the stem, if your stem has leaves you can use these to form a hat or use the stem of the flower as we have.

If your bead does not have a face on it, then use permanent markers to place some dots for eyes and a little dot nose.

Cut the chenille stick in half.

Take one half to form the legs by creating a V shape with a slight bend at the end for the feet.

Take this legs half and glue it into the top and centre of the flower using craft glue.

For the other half make the arms by making a V shape again but this time bend in some hands and some elbows.

Glue the point of this into the bottom of the bead to form the neck and arms.

Then glue the top body (neck, Head and Arm piece) onto the underside or bottom of the flower as shown in the picture.

So now you should have the legs on the top of the flower which is now the upturned bottom and the arms and head glue to the bottom of the flower which is now the upturned top.

Add the stem to form a hat, or use leaves to glue on a little cap. Thread a small piece of ribbon or string through the stem to form a hanger or glue it under the leaves to form the hanger.

Use the pattern below to cut out a pair of wings to pop onto the back of the Fairy. You can use foam, packing foam or even little ready made doll wings.

Fairy Wing Pattern.


  1. Ah! I made these when i was younger except i didn’t use pipecleaner i used florist wire. Much better.

  2. We made these as a decoration for my daughter’s Enchanted Garden birthday party. They were inexpensive, fast & easy. Love them! I’m not crafty, either, so if I can do it, anyone can!

  3. very cute and eazy

  4. We made these using silk flowers and decorated with store bought wings they worked out around $6 each but make a lovely gift.

  5. easy to make and so cute

  6. How Sweet.. Really nice idea

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