Crochet Fingerless Flower Texting Gloves

Crochet Fingerless Flower Texting Gloves

Crochet these cute fingerless gloves with a flower on top using the full free pattern provided.

What you need

Worsted weight yarn, approx. 30 grams.
Crochet Hook, size 6.5mm
Yarn needle
2 buttons


Gauge: 3 sc long = I inch

1. Chain 20.

2. Single crochet in the 2nd stitch from the hook, and in each stitch of the chain.

3. Chain 1 and turn.

Working in the back loop of the stitch only, starting now and throughout the pattern, single crochet in each stitch across.

4. Repeat step 3 until the rectangle is long enough to wrap around your hand. Either fasten off and sew the rectangle closed, or bring the first row and the last row completed together, and slip stitch to join both sides.

IMPORTANT!!! Whether you are sewing the seam, or crocheting it, don’t forget to leave an opening for the thumb.

Approximately 4 stitches is about right for adult, 3 stitches.

For teens, 2 stitches for young children. Weave yarn ends into the finished work.


Chain 5, slip stitch to join and form a ring.

Chain 8, single crochet in the ring. Repeat from * to make a total of 7 loops in the ring, slip stitch to join to the first loop, and fasten off.

Attach the flower to the fingerless gloves, and sew a button in the center of the flower.

By Emi Harrington

COPYRIGHT: 2011, M. E. Harrington


  1. Margery A Conklin says

    These are adorable! I can’t wait to pick out my colors and get started thank you for this awesome pattern.

  2. These are just too cute!!

  3. joann friel says

    I couldn’t make these hand covers fast enough! it worked up so fast & turned out perfectly!!!!!!!

  4. soooo easy 🙂

  5. WhiteHorse says

    I’m definately doing this one! Awesome project

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