Shaker Boxes

Shaker Boxes

A fun project to do with the kids. Create your own shaker boxes with some card, tape and glue.

What you need

Shaking items
Double sided tape
Plastic protector


Cut 2 Shapes out of Card Stock, making one a few millimeters bigger then the other (this will allow the over hang to cover the bottom joint).

Take your Bottom Piece (the smaller of the 2) and using thick double sided foam tape or pop dots create a wall around the edge of the shape.

If your tape is too wide, cut it into strips, or it will be visible in your shaker box through the window.

Next, measure the width of your bottom wall and mark it on your top shape. This is so you know how big a window to cut into your top shape as not to expose the tape wall underneath.

Using a blade or scissors, cut the viewing window out of the top shape, and then using some glue, cut a piece of page protector to overlap the window hole and glue down to one side.

You should now have a top shape with a plastic viewing window in it, and a bottom shape that has a foam wall around it.

Take the bottom piece and fill it with your shaking items. Use beads, ribbon, punchies sand or shells. Once you have filled it stick down the top window onto the double sided sticky tape wall.

Your objects should be free flowing and shaking.

You can decorate the visible side of the base shape with stamps or journaling for a different effect.


  1. what exactly do you use for the plastic protector?

  2. soo totally luved the shaker boxes! i’ve made many since the 1st one, in different sizes, including small ones to go on cards & the best part? very easy to make

  3. this is really cute, it reminds me of a snowglobe. i made one and used little goldfish and blue glitter like an aquarium for my little boy, he loved it.

  4. well i have made quite a few and i think that my flower one looked reelyy good!! thanx so so much !!1

  5. I will deff. use this idea for my scrapbook! SO CUTE!

  6. This great!!! I made a gold heart shaker for a weddig card =)

  7. Fun and tactile

  8. i would have never thought of this , for this is great to go with your beach pictures. Debra

  9. Love it!!

  10. This would be great in a heart shape for Valentines or Mothers

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