Fake Wallpaper

Fake Wallpaper

This wallpaper, using fabric, is great for rental apartments or temporary decors.

What you need

Thumb Tacks


Measure area of the wall you want to cover.

Go to a store and pick out a fabric you want on your wall.

It shouldn’t be a flimsy fabric.

Cut the fabric, (you may need a helper) pin or hold fabric on the wall and spray with the starch to flatten.

Straighten and wipe off excess starch.

This will stay up as long as you want it too.

To take down just peel off, and wash the fabric to Re-use!


  1. Really Good IDEA!! you can now get all colored thumb tacks to match.
    How cool is this for a Baby’s Room if the family is in SERVICE!!

  2. wannabecrafter says

    Another way, is for you to dip the fabric into the starch, before placing on the wall.

  3. I’ve done this in my bathroom and it worked great!

  4. clever!

  5. Quite beautifull
    and I put some fragrance on it and its the best!

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