Knitted English Pork Pie

Knitted English Pork Pie

This is a simple pattern to create a knitted English pork-pie

What you need

4mm needles
Fawn Wool


Using 2 threads of yarn in fawn


Cast on 14 stitches
Row 1 K twice into east stitch till you have 28 stitches
Row 2 P Row
Row 3 K twice into east stitch till you have 56 stitches
Stocking stitch 9 rows
Row 13 K2 together till end
Row 14 P Row
Row 15 K Row
Row 16 Purl 2 together to end
Thread yearns through stitches and draw together, Fasten off.

Pork Pie Top

Using 2 threads of yarn and 4mm needles

Cast on 48 stitches
Row 1 K Row
Row 2 K Row
Row 3 P Row
Row 4 K2 together to end,
Row 5 P Row
Row 6 K2 together to end
Thread yarn through stitches draw up and fasten off.

Make a chain to fit the top edge of pie and sew together.

Fill base with stuffing then sew top onto the base and raise it with extra stuffing.

Sew the chain in place to make crust edge effect. You can make 3 leaves for the top of the pie if desired.

Garnish Leaves

Cast on 3 stiches
K1 row
K twice into First and last stitch.
K1 Row
K twice into First and last stitch.
K 1 row
K 2 together First and last 2 stitches
K 1 row
K 2 together First and last 2 stitches
K2 together, fasten off and sew to top of the pie.


  1. Loved this pattern. My son’s drum teacher said his wish would be to have an everlasting pork pie. So here it is :-). I added a crinkly crust using the pattern from the cherry pie on (using 72 stitches) and left off the leaves.

    Thanks for sharing the pattern. Sue xx

  2. Help! I’m struggling with this pattern.
    Are we knitting on straight needles? if so, do we sew up the side later? it’s not mentioned. Also, if I do the increases and decreases as written, they are very abrupt, and I’m not getting at all the sorts of shapes shown in the picture. is there maybe a cardboard circle at the bottom of the one shown?
    can someone please clarify?
    I’m sure it could be a very nice pork pie, if only I could get the pattern to work for me.

  3. Very fun. I’d like to see someone make a pattern for Mrs. Lovett’s pies from Sweeney Todd! Mmmm… Priest. 😛

  4. it,s lovely.

  5. enjoyed this item.

  6. My mum loves pork pies but is on a diet this would be great gift.

  7. Why?

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