Egg Cozy

Egg Cozy

This knitting pattern shows you how to make an adorable cozy for your hard boiled egg.

What you need

2 oz (50 g) Double Knitting Yarn in 1st color
2 oz (50 g) Ball in 2nd color
No. 6 (4.25 mm) knitting needles


To make:

With 1 strand of 1st color and 1 strand of 2nd color cast on 28 stitches. Work 4 rows in garter stitch (every row k.)

Change to ( 1 row k. , 1 row p.) and work 12 rows.

Next Row : *k2 tog. rep. from * to end. work 2 rows.

Next Row: * p.2 tog, rep from * to end.

Thread yarn through remaining stitches draw up tightly and fasten off.

To Make Up:

Oversew side seam on inside. Make 2 pom poms one in 1st color and 1 in 2nd color and sew to the top of the cosy.

User: Craftorama sent us a picture of her knitted egg cosies that she made which look great in all the different colors!.


  1. Just made my first egg cosy, took less than an hour and super easy. Thank you.

  2. My mother is 92 and lives in a home we wanted something to occupy them for short periods, this looks ideal

  3. my first project and it came out well! Thank you!

  4. really quick and easy to knit.

  5. thisis really nice

  6. What a nice site.

  7. Excellent, easy and quick to make. Ideal for using all your left over bits of wool

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