Ebay Necklace Hack – Chunky Necklace

Ebay Necklace Hack – Chunky Necklace

This tutorial uses Sugru - an air drying rubber material - to hack a $1 ebay necklace.

What you need

Chunky Ebay Necklace
Sugru Pink and blue
1 glass flat bead



This  necklace is made using Sugru. Sugru is a great new air curing clay like matter that allows for so much creativity.

We ordered a plastic chunky chain necklace off ebay but you could pick one up from a discount store.

Start by splitting you pink and blue into 1/2 packets.


Then split them into balls. Mix two balls together pink/blue to create the marbled effect. Press 2 balls onto the necklace and 2 plain balls. Use the remaining Sugru to create a centre piece. Push the marble glass into the Sugru to secure it. Allow to dry overnight.



All done! How did yours turn out?

What do you think of this project? Let us know!