Easter Bunny Toss Game

Easter Bunny Toss Game

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What you need

Assorted Polar Fleece or Colored Felt Fabric
Toy Wadding/Filling
Elastic Bands


This Kids Easter Craft Activity shows you how to make an Easter Picnic Game perefect for Easter Egg Hunts and Classroom Activities.

Toss the Bunnies into an Easter basket for a Tossing game and extend the activity further by allowing the children to decorate them with maker pens.

You can also use these Easter Bunnys for a Beanbag game simply by adding some beans, sand or plastic pellets. Or fill the bottoms with sand for a knock em down game.

Start by cutting out your bunny shapes, you may wish to have a enough for each child.

Simply place the pieces together and sew around the edges leaving a small space to turn inside out and them stuff. Finish off with a few hand stitches to close the hole/opening.

Use a skewer or pencil to help turn out the ears. Dress yours up with some facial features or add sime wiskers with a little black wool.


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