Dymo Labelling With Cardstock

Dymo Labelling With Cardstock

I love the look of using my Dymo labeler, but the limited color choice of the sticky labels means I don't use them as much as I'd like on my projects.

However there is a solution! You can use regular cardstock or patterned paper in your labeler and then it matches your project perfectly! There are lots of options available with this technique and it really does add a great touch to any card or layout.

What you need

Dymo label buddy
Scrapbooking papers & cardstock
Paper trimmer/Craft knife & Steel ruler
Sand paper/ink


For this scrapbooking project, first gather your supplies. You’ll need a Dymo labeler, cardstock, and a paper trimmer (or you could use a craft knife and steel ruler).

Undo the flap at the back of the Dymo labeler and remove the label cartridge. Measure the width of your label strip, the standard size is 3/8″ but it’s best to double check!


Dymo Labelling

Once you know your width then measure and trim some strips of cardstock to size. If you’re doing lots of journaling you will need numerous strips so cut them all now to save time later.

Open the back of the Dymo labeler. You?ll see a slot where the label cartridge threads through. Slide your cardstock strip through here a little way till you feel some resistance. Turn the dial to cut, then lightly click the labeler to move on the tape.

Eventually after 4 or 5 clicks you should see the cardstock strip poking out the front of the Dymo labeler. If after numerous clicks your tape strip doesn’t progress through the Dymo, then your strip was most likely cut too thick. Remove the strip, trim a sliver off the paper and try again.

Dymo Labelling

Use the Dymo labeler as normal, turning the dial and clicking, and you should see the text embossed into the cardstock. The text won?t be that easy to see but we?ll fix that in the next step. Once you have completed your text strip, turn the dial to the scissor icon to cut.


As I mentioned the text is difficult to see, so here you can employ various tools and techniques from your scrapbooking supplies. For cardstock with a white core (like DCWV) you can sand the text to reveal the white core, this gives a great effect. But you could also try inking, chalking, creams, or just lightly go over the raised text with a pen! So many options, and it really does give a great effect to layouts and cards!

Supplies used on journal shown:
Label Buddy: Dymo
Papers: Around the Block
Cardstock: Die Cuts with a View
Stamp: Sarah Beise
Pens: Sakura
Sanding block: PM Designs


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