Draft Stopper

Draft Stopper

Use an old pantyhose to make a draft stoppper.

What you need

Dried Beans or Dried Peas


Cut legs off of pantyhose.

Fill legs with beans or peas. Do not fill too tight or the stopper will not shape to fit up next to the doors or windows.Β Tie a knot in the end of leg.

Shape stopper to fit windows or doors.


  1. I love it…I’ve been too lazy all winter to sew a draft dodger, but this is the perfect solution, I can reuse some old hose with runs and make something that is quick, easy and practical. I plan on trying it out tonight!

  2. skits_sushie says

    If you want to make yours cuter, stick some googly eyes, ears, and make little legs and arms. It could be a sausage dog!! πŸ˜€

  3. this is a great idea…im hopping it will work on all of my doors and windows this winter! =)

  4. purplemittens says

    OMG GREAT IDEA! Why didn’t i think of this?

  5. I have made one of these before, only it was made of fleece fabric rolled up and tied with ribbons. I am sure this way will work, too! Great idea, and good use of tights!

  6. Interesting concept.

  7. This is a really practical idea. You could use funky colored tights as well.

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