Door Draft Stopper

Door Draft Stopper

This pattern is for a 36-inch (90 cm) wide door draft stopper. If your door is wider, adjust measurements to match.

What you need

45-inch wide (1.2m) Tightly woven fabric
Kitty litter


Start by cutting a rectangle of your fabric to measure 8 x 41 inches (20 cm x 1 mt). Sew the two long edges together to form a 4 inch (10 cm) tube making sure that you are sewing on the wrong side of the fabric as we will turn it right way later.

Sew one of the 4 inch (10 cm) ends closed using double stitches on your machine.

Turn the tube right side out so that you can now see the right side of the fabric. Use a yard stick to push all corners out and smooth.

Pour the kitty litter into the tube. Leave 1-inch from the top end empty.

Turn in 1/2-inch of raw edges on the end.

Top stitch this seam closed.

Photo Credit: markhillary off Flickr.


  1. I am stuffing these door snakes with heavier medium plastic beads, strung together in 36 inch lengths with 20 pound fishing line. Tie the strings of beads at the ends and then tie them together every six inches or so with the fishing line. Then pull them through the tube. Close the one end with a rattle if you want a rattlesnake. Close the other end with a red felt forked tongue. Buttons for eyes. If you bead together the stuffing, then your 40-year-old nephews will be less likely to scatter beads/beans/kitty litter/walnut shells/etc. all over the room when they accidentally bust the snake. Also your grandchildren can safely play with the door snake when they come over to visit.

  2. nice! way to re-purpose cat litter:)

  3. melissa.mama says

    I love this idea, and with ice storm outside, I will be making these for sure !!

  4. Quick, easy and very attractive. I used recycled woven aztec design material from my local thrift store and cat litter that totaled less than $5.00 for the two door draft stoppers Thats a very affordable $2.50 a piece in less than an hours time

  5. Thanks. i was trying to figure out the best “stuffing”.

  6. This is a great idea. This doesn’t have to be a cutesy project, just one that works! Especially for people that do not have the cutesy type of decor. I like it!

  7. it was ok! But i think you should make it it into like an animal likea catapillar or a sausage dog!

  8. Awesome Idea.

  9. this was cool but i think you could make it a bit more kinda ‘wow’ looking. mabey it could be turned into an snake,worm,catterpilla or something! just by adding a head and legs that flop out the side.

  10. simple, practical and useful. =)

  11. Friends & Family really like these. T Y.

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