Dollar Tree Peace On Earth Christmas Wall Decor

Dollar Tree Peace On Earth Christmas Wall Decor

This Holiday craft shows you how to take Dollar tree items and turn them into a Festive wall hanging on mantelpiece decoration.

What you need

Dollar Tree round sign (can have any design on it as I used the backside)

Dollar Tree- Be Brave 2021 calendar

Hot Glue gun

8 ft nautical rope

Pencil or pen

Modge podge

Paint brush

burlap ribbon



Start by laying the circle sign on top of the peace on earth month of December page from the calendar, I just tore the piece from the calendar

Next, trace the circle onto the backside of the page

Next using the scissors, cut out the circle shape


Add some mod podge to the backside of the sign and paint in on with a paintbrush

Apply the piece on earth calendar page on top of the mod podge and make sure to flatten it so there aren’t any air bubbles

Next using the hot glue gun, apply a line of hot glue around the outside of the circle and add the nautical rope, repeat this until you have gone around the circle 2 times. Trim at the end. 

Cut a 12 inch section of the burlap rope and a 4 inch section. Fold both sides into the middle allowing for a little overlap. Pinch the middle section together and add some hot glue to create the fold in the middle.

Take the 4 inch section, fold both sides into each other and wrap it over the middle section and secure with hot glue

Add hot glue to the backside of the bow and add to the top of the sign



  1. Rebecca Payne says

    I love it.

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