Dollar Tree Halloween Tiered Stand

Dollar Tree Halloween Tiered Stand

This Halloween craft tutorial shows you how to make a Cake stand or tiered stand using plastic Dollar tree supplies.

What you need

Craft Glue or hot glue
Black Spray paint
3 plates, bowls
Plastic Halloween decorations such as the Raven and Skeleton Hands


This Halloween craft is so much fun to make and you can adapt it to suit the supplies you have on hand at your own craft supply store or the Dollar Tree Store. 

The skeleton hands at the base are optional, you can take them out and have a solid round plate base if you wish, this will bring the height and the cost down.

You will need wine glasses to create the centres, you can also use candlestick holders too.

once you have your basic concept, paint all the items black. and glue into place using hot glue or craft glue.

For those that are looking for a Raven, you can buy them online here.  

A big thank you to Holly S for sharing her wonderful Halloween decoration. Holly is a member of our facebook group. Christmas Crafts & DIY. We also have a group dedicated to Halloween, and you can join that here.

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