Dollar Tree Fall Pumpkin Trays

Dollar Tree Fall Pumpkin Trays

This craft tutorial shows you how to create a chich set of Farmhouse pumpkins using metal trays from the Dollar tree and some basic craft supplies. Perfect for Fall or Thanksgiving decorating.

What you need

3 Dollar Tree silver trays



Waverly White Chalk Paint or whatever paint you have on hand

Hot Glue Gun

Jute Twine– Dollar Tree

Raffia (I got mine at dollar tree)

Large Popsicle stick (I had a package from Walmart but sometimes you can find them at dollar tree)


Begin by applying three coats of Waverly White Chalk Paint to each tray. Allow time for each coat to dry completely before applying the next to ensure that the trays are completely covered.

Place 2 of the trays upright next to each other, with one of the sides overhanging the other tray, after all of the trays are dry. Glue the two trays together where they meet using the hot glue gun.

Apply a line of glue to the middle where the two trays are joined, then place the last tray on top, pressing down slightly to ensure it sticks.

Wrap the jute twine around the popsicle stick until you reach just below the curved portion of the popsicle stick with a dab of hot glue approximately 2 inches down.

Once completely wrapped, add a dab of glue at the end and then trim off. I then trimmed off the rounded section of the popsicle stick with scissors.

Next, add some hot glue to the popsicle stick and place it on the backside of the trays in the center and apply a little pressure

Next cut a piece of raffia to your desired length (I used 2 pieces) and then tie it into a bow


  1. Could have been painted orange instead of white. Just looking at the white project doesn’t look like anything recognizable, let alone a pumpkin.

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