Dollar Tree – Fall Faux Book Stack

Dollar Tree – Fall Faux Book Stack

This craft tutorial shows you how to take Dollar-tree items and turn them into a decorative fall craft project. This craft is perfect for the mantle or a table centerpiece.

What you need

White Paint

Red Paint

Wooden apple

Wooden crate from dollar tree

Craft Glue

Raffia and Ribbon

Craft Glue

Large sticker letters or Cricut lettering


This project image was contributed by Teresa C.  Thank you for sharing your wonderful creation Teresa.

Start by taking your Dollar tree wooden crate and turning it upside down. The side slats are what makes the crate look like stacked books.  Another great thing about this faux book stack is you can hide unsighlty clutter undereath it. Perfect for hiding away decor that doens’t fit your fall theme.

Paint your crate white (or any other color, cream, red or orange books all look great too)

Whilst your crate is drying, paint your apple with the red paint.

Using adhesive lettering add the titles to your books. You can also use a marker pen if you do not have sticky letters or cut out letters on a cricut design machine.

Do not stick the letters untill the paint is completely dry.

Place a ribbon around the books as shown in the photo and secure with glue and a bow. Add the apple and raffia bow for decoration.

What do you think of this project? Let us know!