DIY Wine Bottle Pouch

DIY Wine Bottle Pouch

Make this cute wine bottle pouch using burlap and other supplies which you might already have at home! Perfect for valentine's day or any other day of the year

What you need

Materials Needed:
1. Burlap or any kind of tick fabric
2. Scissors
3. Hot glue
4. Fabric paint and spray
5. paint brush
6. Craft stickers
7. Satin ribbon


Step-1: Measure the bottle size and then cut out fabric according to the size of the bottle. The length of the pouch should be a little less than the the height of the bottle. I used burlap fabric. I took out a thread from the fabric from a side to insert a ribbon as closure.

Template: You can print out this template and trace the design on your fabric or you can also create your own design.

Step-2: You can either trace the design using a carbon paper or use craft stickers, both technique work nicely. I used red, black and golden paint for my design. Keep in mind to design half of the fabric, the other half will remain at the back side of the pouch.

Step-3: Fold the fabric into half as you can see in this picture. Glue or stitch 2 sides and keep the arrow pointing side open. Insert ribbon through the fabric. You can tighten the ribbon and tie a knot to close the pouch.

Put wine bottle inside and close the pouch with the ribbon.



What do you think of this project? Let us know!