DIY Vintage Farmhouse Kitchen Scales

DIY Vintage Farmhouse Kitchen Scales

This farmhouse craft shows you how to make a set of faux-vintage kitchen scales using items from the Dollar Tree.

What you need

White Antique paint
Free printable below
Picture Frame
Oil Burner
Glass plate



These project photos were contributed by Carrie M.

These vintage farmhouse scales are made using household items to create the stand, you can use what items you have available.  Some suggestions are  a photo frame for the base, an oil burner for the middle and a glass plate for the top of the scale. Cardstock can be used to back the front of the scales. You can use the free printable we made below for the front of your scales.

The layers are glued into place with glue. When using mixed materials I prefer to use E6000 as it is a strong glue for plastic, metal and cloth.

This base is painted with an Antique cream spray paint and has been lightly scuffed with black acrylic paint to give it an aged look. I especially love the detail in the base which is an upturned glass bowl.

Glue the printable to the front and you are finished. To print, open this image in a new window and click print, sizing it for your printer.


These project photos were contributed by Carrie M.


  1. Vikram Goyal says

    Hi everyone, the printable is the scale image. Just right click it open in a new window and then click print, resizing it for your printer.

  2. The download for the scale face is not listed in this project! Please list it!

  3. Christine Register says

    Please share the scale template. Ty

  4. Barbara Kirby says

    I truly think your scale is the prettiest one I’ve seen. I want to make one, Thanks for sharing!

  5. Where can I download the scale face to print?!!!

  6. Lyndsey Coffey says

    How do you make the wood look distressed? Did you paint it black first?

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