Altered Tin – CD Gift Box

Altered Tin – CD Gift Box

This altered scrapbooking project shows you how to make a "beyond the page" scrapbook style CD can. Perfect for giving photo CDs, small gift cards, money for wishing well and much more.

What you need

Cd Tin
Background paper
Various stickers
Dimensional sticker
Assorted Ribbons
1 clear buckle
Adhesive lettering.


This actual tin was created for a hens night and contained a gift card and small lingerie item.

Start by gluing he background paper onto the tin. The background paper has been customized with a small stamp for a “handmade” feel.

Customize the tin

Customize the tin

An adhesive tag is attached for the title background. The title has been created using handwritten cursive style adhesive lettering available from scrapbook supply stores.

Choose a nice dimensional feature sticker that is themed to your contents or event. Attach a clear buckle to a length of ribbon and secure it at both ends of the tin to form a belt.

Using lengths of ribbon create a taggie style finish by tying lengths around this belt until all the ribbons are bunched up and it looks full. You can also use lengths or lace or wool.


Finish off your tin by adding any extra stickers or embellishments you desire.


  1. If you were going to give this to a boy it wouldn’t work at all

  2. it would be so cute if you made it into one of those things that hold a bunch of cds! omg i am so goin to do this! thanks!

  3. that looks so cool i wanna try

  4. WOW!!!! Very creative idea…I’m definetly trying this one!

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