DIY Unicorn Wreath

DIY Unicorn Wreath

This wreath can be a great gift for unicorn lovers and a great project for crafty unicorn fans! Check it out!

What you need

• Burlap fabric
• Scissors
• Template
• Net fabric
• Hot glue
• Needle and thread
• Supplies for decorating


Step-1: Print a simple horse or unicorn head side pattern and cut out the pattern. Place the template on the selected fabric to trace and cut out 2 pieces of fabric along the traced pattern. I’m using a light blue felt fabric for the back side and burlap fabric for the front side of the unicorn.

Step-2 Place both pieces together and glue the sides but don’t forget to keep a small open end for stuffing. Stuff the pattern using leftover fabrics or wool. Once you’re done stuffing make sure the close the open end to secure the stuffing.

Step-3: Take a tissue or net fabric and cut it into a small square shape. Fold the square fabric from any 2 opposite corners and join them on the centre. Now create small folds on the centre, twist and fold it into half.

Step-4: Use thread and hook to secure the twisted centre of the pattern. Make as many as you want, you’ll need plenty of these, around 30 pieces. We’ll make the hair of the unicorn with these patterns.

Step-5: Use hotglue gun to attach the fabric patterns with the base (head of the unicorn). Try to mix and match the colours while gluing them.

Step-6: I used a 14 gauge golden craft wire to create the horn of the unicorn, you can use anything you want to create the horn. Use hotglue to attach the horn on its place.

Step-7: Decorate the unicorn wreath with beads, fabric flowers, accessories, make sure to keep a vibrant colour and ornament combination.

Attach a hanging mechanism to complete the wreath.



  1. It looks do’able for me and my 6 year old grandaughter.
    Excited to try…

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