DIY T-Shirt Stencils

DIY T-Shirt Stencils

I was always in charge of keeping the kids busy at the Tail-Gating Parties. You know, the adults do their thing but the kids tend to get bored. Well, here's one that was such a success that it's often a request for an encore. And even the adults get involved.

What you need

Inexpensive Packs of White T-Shirts and Sharpies, Square pieces of Card Board, Lots of Kids and a few Adults too


Before the big day, I use some free printable stencils to outline patterns on some plain white inexpensive t-shirts. It’s easy to print patterns of the web and cut out the designs and best of all you can usually alter the size for whatever works best for you.

Oh yeah! I always cover the top of the paper with a clear coating like clear shelf liner or strips of packing tape before cutting out the design. This way you can use the stencil again and again.

When coloring on the t-shirts make sure to place a thick piece of cardboard inside the t-shirt to keep the ink from the Sharpies seeping through to the back of the shirt. In fact, you can put a different design on the back.

As the big day arrives the kids (or whoever) can pick a design they like and color in with the multi colors of Sharpies available.

I like to mix up the designs too – some sports designs, some butterflies or flowers. Something for everyone.

You’ll be amazed at the creativity of the children and how they decorate these t-shirts. Best of all are the smiles of pride on their little faces!

By Penny M. Vedrenne. Check our more of Penny’s projects here.

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