Dollar Tree Summer Popsicle Wreath

Dollar Tree Summer Popsicle Wreath

This tutorial shows you how to hack a plain pizza tray from the Dollar Tree store to create an easy summer door wreath.

What you need

pizza tray

Summer Popsicle SVG File

Wooden pegs

Assorted acrylic Paint colors

Rainbow Hair ribbon bow or Ribbon


This Summer wreath is so easy to make and uses the pizza pan from the Dollar Tree discount store, Reject Shop or Pound Saver as the base. You could swap out the pizza tray for a wire wreath form if you prefer that style.

You need to start by painting your pegs or clothes pins into the colors you wish to use for your wreath. This wreath is made using SVG file and a Cricut machine  But you can purchase sticker letters or hand-paint the design if you wish.  If you are using SVG and your Cricut cutting machine, then paint your pegs the same colors as your sticker will help to blend the theme into the overall design.

This pizza tray has been spray painted in black, but you can use whichever color you have on hand. Apply the sticker and the pegs. I suggest securing the pegs with E6000 or hot glue. Finish off by attaching a cord for hanging with a loop or hook glued to the back.

Wanting to hang it off your front door? Check out these wreath hangers that will not mark your door.

This finished project was submitted by Alexis P. Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful design!

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