Make A Crystal Pinch Pot

Make A Crystal Pinch Pot

This crystal craft tutorial shows you how to make your own Crystal pinch pot using crystal chips and an upcycled container or jar.

What you need


A small bowl,glass or recycled candle jar

Hot glue or E600 glue

Amethyst crystal chips



This tutorial shows you how to make your very own Gemstone crystal pinch pot. Use it for storing jewelry, makeup brushes, or little knick-knacks.  We created this crystal pinch pot using an upcycled dessert container, but you can use any small vessel.

You may want to make your own pinch pot using Air Drying Clay

Make sure your container is nice and clean and free from any grease as this will prevent the glue from adhering. Use a glass cleaner or hot soapy water to clean your container and allow it to dry fully.

I prefer to sort my crystal chips into similar sizing before I begin making my crystal pinch pots. Once the glue is on the pot it is best to work quickly so having all your Crystal chips ready makes sense.

For this Crystal chip pinch pot, I selected some nice long chips with sharp edges.

Crystals are all about intention and intuition, so pick crystals that appeal to you. If you are making a crystal pinch pot for a friend, ask them to choose the crystals.

For this crystal pinch pot we used Amethyst crystal chips but you may like to use another crystal.

Moonstone is said to be the stone of women and is believed to enhance feminity, gentleness, receptivity, and intuition.

Some crystal meanings are these, choose a  crystal gemstone that reflects your healing needs.

Rose Quartz – For love and heart health

Sodalite –For inner peace, wisdom, and calming a quick temper

Amethyst – For spiritual awakening, promotes healthy sleep and raises the personal vibration

Clear Quartz—For clarity, healing of all kinds, promotes positive energy


Apply the glue in small sections working a small area at a time. Place your chips into position and allow to set then rotate and work another area until the top of the vessel is completed with crystals.

You can also use hot glue for this, but it is not as durable as the E6000 glue, put it is okay for a crystal pot that won’t be touched much and more for decoration.



What do you think of this project? Let us know!