DIY String Heart Pillow Cover

DIY String Heart Pillow Cover

Don't know much about embroidery stitches? Never tried any stitches? Well, you have to start one to make one. So why not start with this easy string embroidery stitch. A great project for beginners at embroidery stitches and at the end you'll get a cute heart stitched pillow. Give it a try!

What you need

Materials Needed
1) Cotton fabric
2) Needle and thread
3) Sewing machine
4) Scissors
5) Pen or pencil
6) Confetties


stringheartpillow (1)

Step-1: Draw a pattern for the string heart embroidery on a piece of paper. First draw the outline and then mark the points on the outline from where you’ll trace the lines (strings), this will be our template for the string heart embroidery. Prepare the front piece of the pillow cover and use a pencil to mark the points according to the template.

stringheartpillow (2)

Step-2: Prepare your needle and thread. Tie a knot at the end of the thread. Draw the needle though the fabric from its back side. Start your embroidery stitch from the bottom center point of the heart pattern from the template. Move towards the next point and make a small stitch on the point. There, first string done!

stringheartpillow (3)

Step-3: Keep doing the same and trace around the heart’s outline. Once you’re done with the outline start to fill the inside of it. You can do random embroidery stitches or do it systematically. But however you try to fill the heart try to keep a sound pattern. Do not add too much details, it might ruin the pattern.

stringheartpillow (4)

Step-4: Once you’re done stitching you can tie a knot and cut off extra thread. Complete the pillow cover by sewing the back piece. Iron the pillow cover once you’re done stitching and before turning out the right side. Insert the pillow in. I also glued some golden and pink confettis between the string gaps. You can use different colored threads and confetties for variation.

What do you think of this project? Let us know!