Country Plant Pokes

Country Plant Pokes

This project is so easy to do and so versatile. Make plant pokes that remind you of what you sowed where.

What you need

3″ wood heart
12″ wooden dowel
acrylic paint in antique white and contrasting color of your choice
crackle medium
craft pens
material scraps
white craft glue (Tacky glue)
font pattern (link below in instructions)
matte finish sealer spray


To get the font pattern click here.

Base coat the wooden heart and the dowel with antique white (or with contrasting color depending on the look you want, the base coat will show through the cracks) and let dry completely.

Apply crackle medium according to directions (to the heart only) – a medium coat works well.

Allow it to dry for 15-25 minutes, until tacky but not completely dry.

Next apply a medium coat of your contrasting color over the crackle, do not excessively brush! One or two strokes is enough. Let dry, crackle will begin to work within minutes.

Once the contrasting color is completely dry, you can use craft pens to draw on square patches or small hearts, or draw stitch marks around the outer edges of your heart. Use the pens to write the herb and flower names on using this font pattern.

When dry, glue the dowel to the back of the heart. Tie a piece of scrap material in a bow or a knot around the dowel, just below the bottom of the heart.

Apply two coats of matte finish sealer spray, allow 15 minutes between coats.

What do you think of this project? Let us know!