DIY Peacock Feather Frame

DIY Peacock Feather Frame

This stylish frame is created using peacock feathers and craft glue.

What you need

Faux or real peacock feathers
Craft frame
white craft glue
Craft paint


For this project I used faux peacock feathers that I purchased from E-Bay.

Start by painting the frame in a suitable color. We went for teal to highlight the colors in the feathers.

Once your frame is painted, cover it in white craft glue (it dries clear) and then begin laying out your feather design. Allow it to dry and then trim off any excess or over hanging feathers.

Finish the frame off with another coat (over the top of the feathers) of craft glue. Once it is dried the feathers will be sealed into the frame.

You can allow it to dry and apply a second or 3rd coat for a smooth finish.

All done!

What do you think of this project? Let us know!