Bath Salt – Chunky Bath Gems

Bath Salt – Chunky Bath Gems

Bath salts of any type are very easy to make. For a modern alternative to standard bath salts you can use a chunky rock salt to make what's commonly known as bath gems, bath chunks or bath rocks.

What you need

6-8 drops Food Coloring
5-10 drops Essential oil or fragrant oil.
Chunky Salt pieces available from rock salt suppliers.


Just add all the ingredients together and mix well.

Make sure the food color blends in to the salt or it wont look very inviting. You can do this by tossing the salt over and over again.

Add your chunky bath salts to a bag or bowl.

To use, drop 1-2 chunks into the bath.


  1. goatprincess says

    This looks really cool!

  2. really like this product. Sure makes alot and very inexpensive to make. Sells great. Especially Lavendar.

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