DIY Farmhouse Fresh Eggs Kitchen Wall Art

DIY Farmhouse Fresh Eggs Kitchen Wall Art

This Farmhouse DIY Craft uses items from Dollar Tree to create Rustic kitchen wall art.

What you need

Pizza Tray
Craft Glue
Cricut lettering or adhesive letters
Burlap Ribbon
Plastic Eggs
White acrylic paint


This wreath is made using a Pizza tray, specifically the ones you can buy at the Dollartree but any cheap pizza tray will work.

This base is painted with an Antique cream spray paint. Paint the front and back of the pan to help prevent it from rusting.

The letters for this farmhouse wall decor have been cut on a Cricut machine and a free SVG file. But you can use adhesive letters from craft stores or discount stores or draw them in freehand using oil-based Sharpie markers.  Once your lettering is complete spray the whole tray with a clear spray varnish.

For the eggs, you can purchase plastic white eggs from time to time, but you can also use a plastic Easter egg and paint it white using the same spray paint we used for the base. You can create a speckled effect by flicking brown or black paint onto the egg with an old toothbrush.

Now that you have all your items ready, begin laying them out around the tray until you are happy with the look. You can follow the image as a guide our create your own version.

The rope is added to form a border and a hangup, use the glue to secure into place.

The flowers were added laying down the tray and then you can glue them into place. When using mixed materials I prefer to use E6000 as it is a strong glue for plastic, metal and cloth.

This farmhouse craft photo was contributed by Carrie M. Thanks for sharing your photo Carrie!

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