DIY Chevron Leather Cuff

DIY Chevron Leather Cuff

Create this Chevron puff paint cuff by using ready made leather cuffs from the craft store. You can create any design you like and it is suitable for young kids and tweenagers too.

What you need

Leather snap bracelet
Puff paint
Marking pen



Step1: choose two straps of leather snap bracelets, one for adult size or one for small wrist.

Step2: sketch out the pattern you desire. In my project, I decided to work in a chevron pattern


Step3: apply then puff the pattern you constructed.


Keep going slowly and carefully for entire bracelet.


Step4: set it away and let dry for several hours.

Submitted by Pandahall


  1. that looks cool. i’ve never heard of puff paint before. btw congrats on the new site, it loads much quicker now!

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