Glitter Pumpkin & Fruit

Glitter Pumpkin & Fruit

This project is a great way to revamp old plastic fruit into something unique and a little bling bling.

What you need

Small fake plastic Pumpkins or fruit with stems.
Clear-drying glue or spray adhesive
Paint brush
Fine, opaque glitter
Newspaper or paper plate
Brown acrylic paint


You can also use real fruit and real pumpkins for a temporary holiday ornament. Remember though, real  fruit will NOT be edible and will rot as soon as the fruit becomes old.

Lay out your newspaper or paper plate (you want it to catch the glitter). Brush glue on pumpkin thickly and evenly.

You want to cover only half the pumpkin for now (so you have something to hold on to. DO NOT hold it by the stem unless you have to).

Try not to get any glue on the newspaper.

Hold the fruit in one hand and pour glitter over the glue (find what works best for you).

Once you’ve covered all the glue, set aside to dry (about an hour).

Shake off excess glitter and return glitter to container. Continue with the other half of the fruit.

Coat stem in brown paint. You can also glitter the stem with brown paint.

You don’t have to completely cover the bottom of the fruit, since it won’t be seen. This can be done with any kind of gourd or fake fruit.

All done!


  1. says

    Great!!! Have done this in the past, too much fun!! And I do so love the glitter!


  2. chinchilla_chilieboy says

    cuteeeee!!!!love josie

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