DIY Cricut Vinyl Roll Holder

DIY Cricut Vinyl Roll Holder

This DIY craft tutorial shows you how to hack some Dollar tree supplies to create a clever storage system for your HTV or Vinyl rolls.

What you need

Broom Handles

Bromom Holders 


This amazing Dollar tree hack was contributed by Kay Lynn.


This Cricut vinyl storage rack is made using Dollar tree items and costs, just $3.75 per length it holds 3 rolls of Crocut HTV or Permanent vinyl.

This tutorial doesn’t require any cutting, but if you have a small wall you can cut your broom handles to length. Make sure they fit 1 or 2 lengths of the rolls.

Each broom handle is held up using the Broom holder clips sideways, mark out where you would like to stick them, take a step back and check before attaching the holders.

One piece of advice is to make sure they are high enough so little hands can not reach your vinyl rolls as they are quite fun for little kids to spin. Yes, I learned that the hard way.

I also attached a pair or scissors on a long ribbon, so I always knew where my sharp scissors were, you could attach whatever it is you like t use to cut your vinyl.




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