DIY: 4th of July Pinwheel Wreath

DIY: 4th of July Pinwheel Wreath

Create this simple and fabulous pinwheel wreath to decorate for the 4th of July! This project can even be made with children as a kids craft. The pinwheel wreath is the perfect, festive decoration for a July 4th party!

What you need

Scrapbook/printed 4th of July themed paper
Embellishments or buttons
Paper plate


1. Cut out 4 by 4 inch squares from the scrapbook paper. You will need about 7-8 pieces depending on how many pinwheels you want to make to cover the paper plate.


2. Fold the paper diagonally both ways. Crease and unfold. Draw a dot on each line that is 2 inches away from the corner.


3. Cut on each folded line and stop at the dot. This will create 8 different flaps. Apply glue to the center and fold one flap in.


4. Glue each alternate flap into the center.


5. Apply an embellishment into the center. This will hide the glue.


6. Repeat steps 1-5 to make 6 to 7 more pinwheels.

7. Make the actual wreath is super simple. Cut out the border of a paper plate and attach some pretty fabric to cover it up. Glue on the pinwheels around the paper plate to create a beautiful pinwheel wreath!


All done!


  1. like it!!!

  2. It seems to be quite simple.

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