Dish Cloth – Frog

Dish Cloth – Frog

This project uses only Knit and Pearl stitches. The main area is done in a Stockinette stitch, and the frog pattern and border are in a Garter stitch.

What you need

Wool Blend yarn
Needles: US 8 (5 mm)


The project is fairly simple as long as you can pay attention to the pattern count changes, best for Intermediate knitters.

Cast on 38 stitches

1-4: Knit

5: k3, p32, k3

6: Knit

7: k3, p32, k3

8: Knit

9: k3, p32, k3

10: Knit

11: k3, p9, k3, p8, k3, p9, k3

12: k12, p5, k4, p5, k12

13: k3, p9, k5, p4, k5. p9, k3

14: k14, p3, k4, p3, k14

15: k3, p13, k2, p2, k2, p13, k3

16: k14, p2, k6, p2, k14

17: k3, p10, k2, p8, k2, p10, k3

18: k12, p3, k2, p4, k2, p3, k12

19: k3, p9, k2, p1, k8, p1, k2, p9, k3

20: k12, p14, k12

21: k3, p9, k14, p9, k3

22: k15, p8, k 15

23: k3, p12, k8, p12, k3

24: k15, p8, k15

25: k3, p12, k8, p12, k3

26: k15, p8, k15

27: k3, p12, k8, p12, k3

28: k15, p8, k15

29: k3, p12, k8, p12, k3

30: k15, p8, k15

31: k3, p12, k8, p12, k3

32: k15, p8, k15

33: k3, p10, k12, p10, k3

34: k12, p14, k12

35: k3, p9, k2, p2, k6, p2, k2, p9, k3

36: k10, p3, k2, p8, k2, p3, k10

37: k3, p9, k1, p3, k6, p3, k1, p9, k3

38:  k16, p6, k16

39: k3, p14, k4, p14, k3

40: k18, p2, k18

41: k3, p32, k3

42: Knit

43: k3, p32, k3

44: Knit

45: k3, p32, k3

46: Knit

47: k3, p32, k3

48-52: Knit

Bind off, weave in ends.


  1. I love it! It was one of my first projects and it was just what I was looking for. It was easy and satisfying to knit. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. Marlene Johnson says

    What is the finished size?

  3. what a great pattern and simple to knit – no fiddly stitches.i am knitting four in different colours, then will stitch together into a square for a cushion cover.
    thanks for a lovely pattern

  4. Wow! I love it. This will be my 1st knitting project

  5. R2Dee2Snyder says

    Sorry about row 38, when I submitted it I thought everything was there in that row. Anyhoo, here is a corrected row 38

    38: k16, p6, k16

    As for weaving in ends, you literally weave in the ends of the yarn (look like tails) hanging after you bind off and the one at the beginning form casting on. I use a crochet hook to weave mine into the borders.

  6. Knitting1661 says

    Oh Nevermind, I figured it out! 🙂

  7. Knitting1661 says

    what does it mean when it says ” weave in ends” ???

  8. I love it but I need.HELP! I have got to row 38 but the row doesnt seem right.

  9. R2Dee2Snyder says

    You’re very welcome :o) I used this pattern I designed to make blocks for a baby blanket!

  10. i love it, thanx

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