Cute Carrot Cutlery

Cute Carrot Cutlery

This Easter tutorial shows you how to make cute and adorable Easter Cutlery using ordinary store bought tableware.

What you need

Green Plastic Cutlery
Orange napkins
Card stock
Green string


This tutorial takes ordinary store bought plastic cutlery and turns them in tom something cute and adorable for Easter time.

Start by using card stock to create small cones. These will support the cutlery. You can omit this step and just wrap the cutlery in the napkin but be warned they don’t travel too well this way. The knifes cut through the napkin.

The cone only needs to be a few inches wide to allow the cutlery to sit inside.

Finish off by wrapping it with the orange napkin and adding some string.

These look great in a rustic basket on a Easter Picnic table, Carrots picked straight from the Easter farm.


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