No Sew: Cushion Cover Shoulder Bag

No Sew: Cushion Cover Shoulder Bag

This no sew bag is lots of fun to make as it is so quick - just uses a cushion cover to make it!

What you need

Decorative Cushion Cover
2 x grip clamps or clamps off a pair of pant braces.
1.6 yards (1.5 mts) of Heavy cotton cord


If you are using the clamps, you can interchange your cushion covers from your couch to your shoulder without damaging the cover, which means you could have a different bag every week.



For this project we used a Crochet Cushion Cover but you could use any recycled cover or any other fun design.

Your cushion cover must have an end opening rather than a middle opening as this end opening will form the opening to your tote shoulder bag and needs to be at the top.

Attach the grip clamps to each side of the top of your cushion cover and attach your cord by tying into firm knots. You can secure these knots will a little craft glue for added strength.

If you want to avoid buying grip clamps, then try recycling an old pair of pant braces to form the grips.

Alternatively you could do away with both grip options and simply sew on the handle using a sewing machine or strong hand stitch.


  1. I think this might work best as a beach bag. The clips may not hold up under some weight, and it could be embarrassing if it let go and you spilled your purse. Not sure why someone would make this, when cheap totes are everywhere, new and used. The clips make it look homemade.

  2. I will give this project a try today our local odds and ends store QD has sequined covers for extra bling. I’m not sure how well the clips will hold but will try anyway. Lesley.xx

  3. craftygirl97 says

    so its cool and i like it but i think it could use so color but i think ppl should understand 2 b creative u need 2 think and SHOW it!

  4. Cleaver idea thanks
    I can use my imagination for many and various colours & patterns and have a tendy bag for any occasion

  5. It looks cheap and tacky.. I wouldnt be seen dead with that over my shoulder..

  6. rainorshine_16 says

    Good. Cool. =] !!!

  7. Sewing-x-Machine says

    It looks a bit plain… I think if a bit of color is added it will look nice!

  8. i think this is a very good idea it wont take too long and is easy to make for projects in school.:)

  9. its ok !! but it looks
    so plain……

  10. Mmmmmmm this could work really well! Me likes!

  11. awesome and so easy!

  12. Cute idea!
    Will the clamps hold if you like to load up your purse with all the “essentials”?

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