Decorated Easter Egg Tree

Decorated Easter Egg Tree

If you're looking for a cute decoration for your mantel, an Easter egg tree could be just what you need. Or, make one of these cute trees as a centerpiece for your dining room table. In fact, you are limited only by the size of the tree branch you use.

What you need

1 bare tree branch, sized appropriately (you can also combine several branches to form a bushier tree)
1 pot, sized to fit the tree branch you have chosen
Marbles or small stones (for smaller trees)
Floral foam or Styrofoam (for smaller trees)
Clay (for large trees)
Plastic toy Easter eggs or real eggs (or a combination of both) – enough to decorate the tree
Easter egg dye (if using real eggs)
White or pastel-colored spray paint (optional)
Awl or a sharp nail (if using real eggs)
Drill (if using plastic eggs)
Spanish moss
Decorative ribbon
Other embellishments as desired (such as glitter, stickers, colored markers, crayons, felt scraps, lace, ribbon, etc.)
Pastel colored tissue paper (optional)


If you use a large branch or a small tree, you could even make a full-size Easter egg tree for your living room.

The process is easy and fun, making it a great family craft activity. Your child might even want to make one to decorate his or her bedroom.

You can choose between making this tree with plastic toy Easter eggs, or blowing the contents out of real eggs to make a very realistic Easter egg tree.

Prepare the Tree

If desired, paint the tree branch with white or pastel colored spray paint. Or, simply leave it natural.

If you are making a small tree, floral foam or Styrofoam should provide enough support. Start by filling the pot 1/4 full of marbles or small stones, which will add weight to the pot and provide stability. Then, simply wedge the floral foam or Styrofoam into the pot until it is approximately 3/4 full. Stick the branch or branches into the foam, using a sharp object to make a hole in the foam first if necessary. Test to make sure the tree is well-balanced and stable.

If you are making a larger tree, you’ll probably need more support than what floral foam or Styrofoam can provide. Using clay, fill the pot 3/4 full. Insert the large branch then allow the clay to dry. Test to make sure the tree is well-balanced and stable.

Prepare the Eggs

If you plan to use plastic Easter eggs, you’ll first need to make a small hole in the wide end of each egg with a drill. Decorate the eggs with stickers or other embellishments if desired.

If you plan to use real eggs, you’ll first need to blow the contents out of each raw egg.

First, wash the eggs carefully, since you will be holding them up to your mouth to blow out the contents.

Then, use an awl or sharp nail to poke a small hole through each end of the egg.

Hold one end of the egg over a bowl, then blow into the other hole with your mouth until the egg contents comes out.

Wash the eggs then dye if desired.

You could also use colored markers, stickers or other embellishments to decorate the egg shells. The holes in the pointed egg ends could be disguised with small pieces of pastel colored tissue paper attached with craft glue if desired. Or, simply leave the holes visible.

Decorating the Tree

To assemble the tree, stick the eggs onto the ends of the tree branches, creating an attractive arrangement. Use as many eggs as you need to create the desired effect. You could also add other embellishments to the tree branches if desired. Fill the top 1/4 of the pot with Spanish moss to hide the clay or foam. Use decorative ribbon to tie a pretty bow around the pot. You could also wrap the pot in pastel tissue paper before tying the bow if desired.

Alyssa Davis, writes exclusively for, and specifically about designing with metal birds artwork. Photo By Factory Direct


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