Easy Paper Crown

Easy Paper Crown

Make a real easy paper crown using paper and scissors. The kids will love to help you with this.

What you need



Cut paper into strips about 35 cm x 10 cm.

Cut a fringe into one of the long edges of the paper, making sure that each piece of fringe is about 3 cm wide.

After the fringe has been cut, roll up sections of the fringe around a pencil so that when you remove the pencil the fringe will be all curly.

Check the size of each child’s head measurement then staple or sticky tape the crown to fit.

So much fun!


  1. it’s really cool, u can make it quick and make lots of it.

  2. i love it!!! i can make it in 5 to 10 minutes. so easy!!! emmy1234

  3. Great Idea, what a gift to be able to find JOY in the simple things of life. That is what makes life worth living.

  4. Very Cute!

  5. I am looking for Sunday school crafts for my children! Thank you for your great idea!

  6. you are all stange… it’s just a crown

  7. Miss World says

    perfect for my little princes’ (twins),,, they’ll love it! thanks!

  8. I am 16 and I liked it because it was quick easy and FUN. It really added to my otherwise boring “Royal Flush” costume.

  9. I’m going to try this one for my four kids for Christ the King Sunday, Nov. 26. My kids love to dress up. What a way to do it – by celebrating Our King.

  10. “Your son must be sheltered.” – excuse me, but i’m 15 and i would like it if someone made me a cool hat like that on my birthday. [and no, I’M NOT sheltered]

  11. so neat! my son loved his on his 14th birthday! what a sweetheart! thanks for this wonderful idea

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