Crochet Floral Head Garland

Crochet Floral Head Garland

This is a very pretty crochet garland and is perfect for hair style lovers. It's really easy to make and requires the basic crochet stitching skills.

What you need

For this project you’ll need-
1. Crochet hook
2. Crochet thread
3. Scissors


crochet headgarland (1)

Start with a slip knot and 15 chain stitches.

Skip one chain from the hook and do a single crochet into the 2nd loop from the hook.

Now do a half double crochet into the next chain (3rd loop from the hook)

crochet headgarland (2)

In this step do 2 double crochet into the next 2 chains (1 double crochet into each chains)

Now do another half double crochet into the next and then a single crochet into the next.

Finally do a slip knot and the leaf is complete!crochet headgarland (3)

Do 6-7 chain stitches, this will be the gap between the leaves.

No do 6 more chains for the leaf. Follow the instructions given in the first step to make the leaves.

crochet headgarland (4)

Keep repeating step 1 and 2 until you’ve reached the required length for the garland. You can simply wrap it around your head to measure the length. crochet headgarland (5)

Pick bright colors for the flowers. I used pinks and oranges. Start with 5 chains. Form a ring with the chain and do 8 single crochet around the ring to make the base of the flower.

Once you form the base chain 1 and then do 2 double crochet into the chain right below the hook. Now chain 1 again and then slip stitch into the next chain.

Chain 1 again and do 2 double crochet into the next chain. Keep repeating these steps until the flower is complete.

When you’ll reach the end do a slip stitch and cut off extra thread.

crochet headgarland (6)

Make as many flowers as you need. You can use other flower patterns as well but I kept it simple. Attach small beads on the center of the flowers using hot glue.

crochet headgarland (7)

Attach the flowers with the leaf garland from the previous step. You can either stitch the flowers with the garland or use hot glue to attach the flowers with the garland, as you wish.

If you don’t have time to do your hair for a party or occasion, you can simply add this with a simple hair style and get going!



  1. Lovely idea. And very simple.

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