Crochet Feather Dreamcatcher Pattern

Crochet Feather Dreamcatcher Pattern

Get crafty and make this super cute , colourful crochet Dreamcatcher made out of Crochet. The feathers are a Crochet design.The Pattern is free and easy to follow.

What you need


Crochet thread – white
Crochet yarn – 5-6 bright colours
Crochet hook – 1.5 mm and 3 mm
Craft wire – 22 gauge

This project include the following stitches (US terms) – single crochet (sc); slip stitch (sl st) and chain (ch). For the doily pattern you may need double crochet (dc) stitch.




Use a 22 gauge craft wire to form a base ring for the dreamcatcher. Use a light coloured or white yarn to cover the ring. I did sc around the ring to cover it.



The doily: Use white crochet thread to create the doily, use any pattern you want. The size of the doily would also depend on your choice or required size of the dream catcher.

Place the doily on inside the ring and stitch the doily with the ring all around.


Feathers: Chain 8 -10 as you wish. Now for the next row work 1 sc into each chain. Chain 4 and slip stitch into the chain near hook. Again chain 4 and st into the next chain.


Ch5 and st into the next chain, repeat ch5, st into the next chain. Chain 6, st into the next chain, repeat *ch5, st* 2 times. Chain 4 and slip stitch into the chain next hook. By this one side of the feather will be complete. Similarly complete the other half of the feather.

Use different coloured yarn to create 5-6 feathers.

Attach strings with the feather on any one side and then attach the feathers on any one side of the doily frame using the strings.

Attach a hanging mechanism to complete the dreamcatcher.


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