Sandwich with Cheese

Sandwich with Cheese

Here is a pattern for a knitted sandwich with visible cheese.

What you need

Fawn or Cream Wool
Yellow Wool
4mm needles


Cast on 25 stitches.

Garter Stitch until your work makes a square the size of bread. Cast Off.


With yellow cast on 22 stitches,

Decrease at each end until 1 stitch remains, fast off.

Place on bread and fold top over to make a triangle.

Fold square into a half on the triangle and Stitch cheese into middle.



  2. Exactly what I was looking for!

  3. Adorable!

  4. i was looking for FOOD!!!

  5. excellent!! very creative and at the same time, very resourceful!!! i like it!

  6. One reason to knit it is that you know your wee one won’t be gnawing on lead paint while playing store or teaparty!

  7. Yum,yum. Looks like grilled cheese. I’m going to knit these with a bunch of knitted teddy bears. Then, I can have a teaparty! (Seriously.) Craft on!

  8. Can someone explain why this is educational? Can’t kids learn what a sandwich is by eating a sandwich? Why can’t I just knit them a teddy bear? Genuinely I would like to know the value of this

  9. I second the usefulness of knitted food for kids. Knitted with natural fibers is much better than plastic store- bought.

  10. Knitted food is great fun for kids and babies to play and learn with. Very educational.

  11. ummmmm why would you waste your time knitting a sandwich????

  12. clever nice!

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